How much do we value quality?

In a world where technology is constantly changing it’s near impossible to stay relevant.

You iphone is binned within a year, your computer is rubbish within five, your boyfriend and your car goes to a lot in upstate New York to be turned into scrap metal for the Chinese to buy. With that being said it’s clear I need to frequently take significant periods out of my week to stay relevant with all the new marketing analytic reporting platforms.

Social media has already become the newest and most powerful form of marketing and outreach so it would make sense that there are more than a handful of analytical reporting programs to become familiar with. Amidst the warm rain and diabolical thunder that dominated the Chicagoland sky today I gallantly ventured into my closest Starbucks, sans umbrella, to study up on the newest reporting.

Somewhere amongst all the yoga pants, vagrants frequenting the restroom and burnt coffee I began to think about reporting and numbers. My mind dizzy from reading the difference between and Socialflow (spoiler: there really isn’t one) I started to not only think but to question (fyi house republicans- it’s a natural progression) – Are we focusing more on clicks and valuing clicks more than content? Are clicks and “likes” weighted heavier in 2015 than actual content? I just said an allegorical mouthful right there.

Think about all the women on your Instagram feed showing their body and I don’t mean the supermodels but the women you ride next to on the train, the women who file their taxes and can’t write off “ Brazilian wax for Instagram photo-shoot”, the women who are exposing themselves for a “like”.

Has our society somehow taken a tragic turn onto a dead-end on Elm Street? Have we progressed from valuing exceptional media content like the pieces written by, oh I don’t know literary geniuses like myself, to valuing some EliteDaily article written by a recent graduate who has watched too many episodes of Girls?

I’m going to circle it back to these reporting programs. These programs that companies rely so heavily on can only report clicks and “likes” because not so ironically there is no reporting system for quality. There is no numerical scale or value on something that is heavy and rich in content. So until some algorithm is invented that can calculate and spit out the integrity of a post EliteDaily will remain on my newsfeed.

EliteDaily- you can dance on my newsfeed all night long like Lionel Richie but you will never be granted a literally pass. No EliteDaily you don’t get a Press Pass THAT IS SACRADE. Cut to that recent graduate who loves girls in the White House Press room asking if Michelle ever wants to ‘just like stay in bed all day, eat pizza and just like not adult and go to Coachella. Because Coachelle is the everything.’

With all my ranting and anarchist flags waving (I feel like anarchist having flags would be very anti-anarchist) these analytical platforms still exist and I need to know how to pull, read and generate these reports for my own relevancy in the marketing world. However, call me PollyPocket Pollyanna I still feel good content will be found. Good content is out there; and it doesn’t have to use a Baitclick to find readers.

Write it and they will come.

* Three people read your posts this week*

Damn it.


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